Seaholme Primary School seeks to employ highly capable and committed staff members. Exciting opportunities exist for motivated teaching and non-teaching staff to work together as part of an effective team.

Seaholme Primary School is a well-resourced school, with classroom teachers being supported by specialist programs in the curriculum areas of; LOTE (Mandarin), Performing Arts, Physical Education, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), and Visual Arts.

Successful applicants will have the opportunity to work with an innovative, enthusiastic and supportive staff.


School Wide Positive Behaviours

Our school has a strong set of values, RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY and RESILIENCE, which underpin all we do. These are explicitly taught to the students and they are encourage to display our values at all times. Students are acknowledged for demonstrating our school values, RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY and RESILIENCE, in the classroom and in the playground. Students receive stickers which they place on on a chart in their classroom. When students receive three sticker in the classroom and three stickers in the playground for a particular value they receive the corresponding armband.

Parents, carers, students and staff all share responsibility for ensuring that Seaholme Primary School is a positive, respectful and safe school environment.

A copy of our Student School Wide Positive Behaviour Matrices and flow charts can be found below.